Monday, April 12, 2010


So I know I have been absent from posting, but I've been busy spending a lot of time outside enjoying the spring weather. Especially all that snow and cold we had this winter (we're good for a few years now, right?).

I have also been finishing up some first person revisions. See, while I was starting to work on some revisions, and thinking of different plot points, I came to think that the novel I wrote would actually work better in first person. Which, ironically, is what I first started writing it in. So...I went through and rewrote, paragraph by paragraph, the draft in first person. I made a few small edits, but overall I didn't work on any other revisions. I finished those over the weekend, and now already have a few ideas. But I'm just going to take a short break and work on a short story idea I've had in my head for awhile before going back to it.

And of course, catch up on some reading, which I did this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday I spent some time outside reading with either an iced soy chai or a bubble tea. Sunday I had a bubble tea from Teaism in Penn Quarter, and sat at the Navy Memorial and read for a bit...and I think I've found a new favorite spot.

Ok. Enjoy spring! I'm already looking forward to next weekend for some more outside time. But in the meantime, I guess these pictures are just going to have to do.

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