Saturday, April 24, 2010


Having people visit is always a good excuse to go out and do those things that, normally don't do because they're always there. Like the Archives.

Some people I knew from high school visited DC last weekend, and I had the chance to play tour guide for a little while and it was a nice reminder of why I love DC. An evening of catching up turned into a tour of the monuments at night, and then the next day, brunch turned into a walk down to Penn Quarter (with stops at Pershing Park and Freedom Plaza) and a quick look at the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I haven't gone to the Archives since either I studied out here for a semester or shortly after I moved here. Either way, it's been a long time. I'm down in that area quite a bit, but not to the museum itself.

Kind of makes me look forward to my sister visiting again in the fall. When she visited last year, it was the time I finally saw the Hope diamond (one of those, "it's always here so I can see it whenever" things), and went back to the Spy Museum for the first time since I moved here. And the zoo, which I love but don't go nearly as often as I should.

So last weekend I rediscovered some places to hang out over the weekend, just to take my book down there for a few hours like I did at the Navy Memorial. This city has so many great spots like that.

Any other great spots that I may have missed?

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Author: Michael Sullivan said...

I have always been particularly fond of the Portrait Gallery and the Botanical Gardens myself.