Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'm finally getting around to redesigning my website. Yes, I've talked about it for awhile now, but I was doing other things (editing and studying Italian). Oh, and of course that whole working thing.
But this morning I woke up early for yoga, though seeing as how I'm not a morning person (and never really have been, though there was a period in college where my flatmate and I went to the gym at 6am), I usually try to think of reasons to stay in bed. And since my computer is right by my bed, I decided to get to work on the site.
This morning I only had time to rework the main page, it's not up yet since I'm going to wait until the entire site is done, but it's the basis on which I'm going to build the entire site. So...the big part of it is done. I'm pretty happy with it. Since it's tied to the novel I'm working on, I used pictures from my trip to Montana (earth and air), California (water), and a candle in my apartment (fire).
I'll let you know when it's done and up!


Washington Cube said...

I've been putting updating four blogs, due to life's necessities, and I'm just getting around to all of those tasks like a new banner and the long-dated blog roll. Good luck to you, and kudos for any early morning yoga class. I can never make the morning ones.

Patricia said...

Thanks, good luck to you as well. And I don't usually end up doing yoga. I tell myself I'm trying to get in the groove by at least waking up early, but then I put off working out by...checking email, updating the website, hitting the snooze button several times...