Thursday, July 03, 2008

j'ai besoin d'étudier

Here is what I discovered after trying to converse in French: I need to study.
Well, let me rephrase that. I need to review. A lot. Excluding the French review class I had (now over a year ago), it's been about six years since my last French class. Really doesn't seem that long. I took a semester of an upper level French class in college and would have continued, except I had to change to Japanese for a year for my minor. And don't get me wrong, I loved Japanese and would love to continue studying it.
But hearing people converse in French, without really thinking about it, reminded me of how much I love French. And I used to be able to speak it a lot better. But that's what practice is for, right? Time to pull out my books and my collections of French poetry and throw myself back into the first language I fell in love with.
The thing is, I have a pretty good grasp of French grammar and a fairly decent sized vocabulary, but when it comes to speaking it, I'm terrified of making a mistake that will sound absolutely horrible that I freeze up and forget the words I'm trying say. So...I just have to get comfortable with speaking it again.
Easy as that, huh?
On a side note, the radio is talking about a cold front coming in over the weekend, which I'm finding highly amusing. I hear "cold front" and I think gusts of northerly winds that will drop the weather to the 50s, maybe 40s. High 80s really doesn't sound like a cold front to me. But of course, it's all contextual since at least it means it won't be in the 90s.

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