Monday, September 01, 2008

the letter q

I don't know about you, but whenever I put down a q word longer than "qi" on the Scrabble board, I get a very small thrill. It's quite possibly one of the best moments of the game. Other than winning, of course. Or getting a triple word...especially a really good triple word. about a triple word with the letter q?

The reason, for me anyway, is when you pull that dreaded q, the thought is "oh...I have to get rid of this!" Because heaven forbid you end the game with a q...since there go 10 points right there. So...usually my go to word of choice? Qi. Which, argue some of you may, is an accepted word.* Common usage people.

So earlier this weekend my word was "quill." It wasn't a standard "quite," "quiet," or "quit." Too bad it wasn't a triple word. I'd even settle for a double letter, but we can't have everything I suppose.

Any other go to words of choice for q? Come on, help a girl out. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I get another q. Poor has such a bad rep when it comes to scrabble. And I don't know why...but z isn't that bad. Maybe because it's easier to do "zoo," or "zed," than it is to do "quote" or something.

*One beef with the accepted scrabble words I've seen. If qi is going to be accepted, why not zen?


julia said...

quizzical, quarantine, quarterfinal, quizzing, qualifications, quagmire, quantify, quantity, and so forth :) Good luck with your next scrabble q!

Patricia said...

Aww..thanks Jules! But I'm not sure those will work. I need short 'q' words, since I usually get a q towards the end of the game when you only want one point letters left. :)

julia said...

I obviously was not reading your post in depth before commenting. Sorry :( I was thinking, "man there are a lot of words that start with "q"" far as short q words, I have been ruminating on the subject with no resolve.

Patricia said...

Yeah, it's a tricky one. I read your comment and I was like "yeah, like I'm going to get those letters." :) Thanks for the thought though! Let me know if you come up with some more.