Monday, October 20, 2008


So this weekend was my very first hockey game. Ever.

And I have to say, it was a lot of fun. I've never really watched hockey, but I always thought it'd be a sport I would like. And I always wanted to go to a Stars game, but that just...never happened. So I didn't really know what to expect.

First thing: I'm glad I wore a sweater. It was a little cold in the stadium, which is of course to be expected. I kind of thought that as the seats began to fill up, it would warm up a little.

Second thing: It takes some concentration to get into the groove of watching the game. You know, in soccer, you can generally follow the ball because it's big and it's not gliding across a large ice rink. In the beginning, the puck would go from one end to the other and I wouldn't even know it. And to be honest, I kind of missed the first goal because there were a few players huddled around the net, and then of course the goalie and his massive padding, and then this tiny black puck that got lost, to my eye, in the shuffle. But I'm a quick learner. I soon was able to follow it. For the most part.

So those are my main observations from the hockey game. No fights broke out, but there were several slams against the wall. Which is to be expected I suppose. A few dirty moves, of course. That happens in sports.

One other interesting observation, and I think it's seen in any sporting event, but I just happened to catch it more because I was actually there. And that is the opinion of the fans. In the beginning, everyone is cheering and urging their team on, especially when there was a goal. Through the first two periods, it was light and great and supportive. But in the third period, after the Devils had scored their third goal, that tone turned...aggressive. I don't know if I'd say annoyed, but there was a lot of "Come on, what were you thinking?!" and it wasn't directed to the refs. Or the other team. And some comments akin to "get in the game!" because I guess the players hadn't been playing for the last oh forty-five minutes or so.

It was...interesting. conclusion, I had fun. And I'm thinking maybe I'll adopt the Capitals as my team. I don't really have any loyalties to any team since hockey was never a big thing around me. And I feel like I should follow some team in DC since I live here now. DC United hasn't replaced my FC Dallas, and...sorry DC...but I've still got my 'Boys. I don't really follow basketball either, but I am partial to the Mavs. And I'm not really a baseball fan. So...maybe the Capitals should be my team. What do you think?

*Proof that I was there!


DCSportsChick said...

The Caps need your support!

I'd also recommend going to one of their practices sometime- it will give you a better feel for the game and you'll see the players up close.

bozoette said...

You should totally adopt the Caps! I converted about five years ago, and now own season tickets. It's pretty addictive!

Zipcode said...

Welcome to hockey - I am avid fan - I try to go when I can. It's fun sport to watch!

Fonzie said...

Hey, you're cute. I got an extra ticket and will teach you the game.

Patricia said...

Thanks for the comments! And for the encouragement to become a Caps fan. I've heard that suggestion before, about checking out practices, and it might be something to do.

I think one definitely enjoys any game a lot more once the rules are somewhat clear. Having someone explain football is what finally got me to enjoy the game (after about twenty years).