Thursday, November 06, 2008

am i asking for too much?

I tend to wear pretty tall shoes at work. And so the pants I buy for work are generally the regular length. I do have a few short pairs, but to me they don't look as great with my heels. So I have a pair of boots that I wear to walk to and from work. The problem is that the last pair I had finally had to be thrown away as they were worn down as much as is possible.

I new pair that didn't really hold up as well for the walk. Part of it is because there is no platform and the heel was very thin. my mind, I have the perfect pair of a commuter boot: black ankle boot, with a small platform and a tall, somewhat chunky heel.

Can I find said pair of perfect boots?

No. Nowhere have I seen these. I have looked online and in the stores, and with all the selections I would think I would come across something that would make me stop and just think "these, I have to have." Well, ok, I take that back. I've seen several pairs that I've wanted, but none that I've wanted for my walk. The ones I've seen that I wanted are usually a little more of a stiletto, and with the holes and broken pavement and grills...I'm not really sure they'd hope up well.

I didn't think I was asking for a lot, but who knows...maybe I am. Hopefully I'll find something. The pair I currently have as a sort of transition period may have to be retired soon.

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