Sunday, August 01, 2010

summer break

This weekend has been such an incredible break from summer. Don't get me wrong. I love heat and sunshine as much as the next Texan (only please turn down the moisture in the air!), but last weekend was just so brutal. Now granted, I did make some coconut margaritas and spent some time with those and my roof for a bit of a break while still soaking up some sun, but even so I only lasted about 45 minutes on my rooftop.

My godmother was in town this weekend and well, two minds think alike! We met up at Elephant & Castle yesterday and spent a couple hours catching up on their patio. It's one of my favorite summertime places. After some of the summer festivals on the mall, it's good to go have some decent pub food and sit on the patio with some friends and a cold beer.

I know it rained some last night, but so far this weather has continued! I headed out to the grocery store first thing this morning, and all I wanted to do was pretty much just stop and sit down on a bench somewhere. I may be headed out to do more of that shortly.

All of this lazing about outside isn't writing, I'm aware. But yesterday morning I wrote about 10 new pages in my first draft, and if it starts raining again this afternoon like it's supposed to, I'll probably get quite a bit more out there. Still just working on getting from point A to point B for now!

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