Thursday, September 02, 2010

dvd release

So...I have a small confession. I've been kind of looking forward to the release on Tuesday for The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season. I watched most of season 1 when it was first on, but once I missed a couple I figured I'd wait until it came out on DVD. This was a series I absolutely loved in junior high (wow! that seems so long ago!), back when the only vampire books were pretty much this and Anne Rice. Oh, and Sonja Blue. I remember thinking then that I just wished there were more paranormal choices!

Anyway, I used to think that it would make a really fun movie and so I was kind of excited when the series came out. Maybe a little nostalgia and because I do still enjoy the paranormal stories. The world is serious enough, why not escape into a little fun when it comes to reading?

I'll admit, I was annoyed when I learned the Salvatore brothers came from Civil War era Mystic Falls and not Renaissance Italy, but that only lasted maybe one episode. There is a creative license with adaptations, and I think it works that they were part of the founding of the town. It's an interesting twist.

So I did go to the bookstore after work on Tuesday, but I didn't see it there. But when I got home, I may have gone online and ordered a copy. And I think it's fun that the next books were released, what happens after the original fourth book in the series because I always kind of wondered. I haven't read them yet, but they might be on my wishlist.

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